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Edgecumbe College continues to provide students with their learning needs to enable them to make well informed decisions in life beyond

We do our utmost to offer as many opportunities as possible to our students and we are always looking for new ways to create new
programmes that will cater for all needs.

Vocational Pathway Programmes are in progress for our students, run by Edgecumbe College. Students will gain the knowledge and practical
experience in trades that will be their future; use the knowledge and practical experience they gain from the programmes to support the
local and wider community in employment situations, and gain access to Tertiary Institutions to pursue further experience. Horticulture/
Agriculture Sciences, Technology Building and Constructions, Engineering, Food and Hospitality are just a few of the vocational pathways that
are available to our students at Edgecumbe College.

NCEA Student Achievement at Edgecumbe College has shown a ‘marked’ improvement at all levels. In 2014 we maintained an 83.3% pass
rate at level 1 and 3, and increased from 95.4% to 100% pass rate at level 2. The time, effort, commitment and dedication from staff, students,
whanau and the community is rewarded by this achievement.

Positive Behaviour for Learning - School Wide (PB4LSW) is alive and well at Edgecumbe College! Our core focus is WIRED (Whanaungatanga,
Integrity, Respect and Responsibility, (Personal) Excellence and Determination). Edgecumbe College has the fundamental purpose of teaching,
encouraging and rewarding desired behaviours, with the expectation that these behaviours will become habitual for students. In so doing, we
strive to improve student learning, student citizenship, attendance, motivation, self-belief and achievement.

Edgecumbe College Athletic Academy (ECAA) is relatively new to Edgecumbe College, but very well received by students. ECAA participants
has already achieved so much success at competition level, nationally and internationally. If students are willing to commit to an athletic sport
event, our highly dedicated (ECAA) coaching team will support them in achieving their sporting goals and aspirations. Participating in sports is
an integral part of student learning.


  1. Best NCEA results in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, 100% level two pass rate for the 2014 academic year

  2. High achievers doing well at national level and gaining awards

  3. NCEA results above the national average. 31 NCEA subjects offered. Flexible timetable to ensure individual students needs are catered for

  4. Small class sizes, largest class 26 students

  5. Courses tailored to suit both academic and vocational pathways

  6. New focus subject areas : Agricultural Sciences and Level 2 Building and Construction

  7. Varied and interest electives programme

  8. Great career and Gateway opportunities for students

  9. New Centre for Enhance Learning (CEL) and New Primary ITO Academy

  10. Acknowledgement and celebration of academic, sporting and cultural achievement in a variety of ways and settings

  11. Ongoing implementation of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) with outstanding results

  12. Very active Gifted and Talented programme

  13. Numerous leadership opportunities provided in a school environment of care and positive reinforcement that allows students to reach their full potential

  14. Maori Performing Arts – Kapa Haka

  15. Free transport for ‘in zone’ students and free summer uniform for all new students

  16. Vibrant Peer Support and Mentoring Programme ensures seamless transition

  17. Energetic leadership team with great aspirations for our school

  18. Excellent ERO report and 20% roll growth in 2015 and 7% in 2016

  19. Friendly, caring and supportive staff delivering excellent pastoral care of students

  20. Boutique secondary education experience

  21. Exciting, dynamic, highly qualified teaching staff

  22. 15 major sports codes keep students active and engaged

  23. 60% of students are involved in at least one organised school sport

  24. Top achieving Edgecumbe College Athletics Academy. 11% of students represented our school at Waikato/Bay of Plenty athletics

  25. New sporting activities including Fencing, Shooting and Archery

Hei whakairohia, hei tānikohia ngā onamata mō anamato

Our schools strengthen and bind our community