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Because we care about our students we provide a comprehensive and cohesive network of teaching and support staff that offer educational,
emotional and pastoral support.

Kaiārahi (Tutor Teachers)
Each student is allocated to a Whānau ako (WA). Students remain with the same tutor throughout their time at College. The WA provides a safe,
secure, supportive environment – a home away from home. Kaiārahi and parents are encouraged to keep in touch. Your child is more
likely to thrive in the secondary school environment if the communication between home and school is constructive and mutually supportive.

Kaitiaki (Deans)
Kaiārahi are supported by their Kaitiaki (senior teachers) who bring a vast wealth of experience and wisdom to their roles. Kaiārahi Teachers may refer students who require extra care or support to the Kaitiaki who will take the problem or difficulty to the next level of resolution. Each Kaitiaki has overall responsibility for the welfare of students in one of the year levels. Parent consultations are often initiated by the Kaitiaki but may also be initiated by parents if they have any concerns about their child’s progress
or welfare.