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Edgecumbe is a town in the Bay of Plenty of the North Island of New Zealand, 15 kilometres to the west of Whakatane and eight kilometres south of the Bay's coast. It is the main service town for the agricultural region surrounding the plains of the Rangitaiki River, which flows through the town. It has a population of approximately 1800, though that number is falling.

The town is named after the small village of Edgecumbe in Cornwall, United Kingdom, between Penryn and Helston. State Highway 2 passes through the town. The three main landmarks are the Fonterra dairy factory, the college and the Riverslea shopping mall.

Beside the main road is a 1.5-metre tablet engraved with the 10 commandments, which was placed there after a local woman had a dream that she should place it there to guide the town's youth.

In 1987 a massive earthquake centered on Edgecumbe shook the Bay of Plenty, causing widespread damage. Also, in July 2004 and May 2005 the town experienced heavy flooding that ruined many homes.

The volcanic cone of Mount Edgecumbe (Putauaki), 15 kilometres to the south and close to the town of Kawerau, is visible from Edgecumbe.

Edgecumbe College was opened in 1962 and is situated on College Road in the Edgecumbe Township. Our college is well equipped with facilities (including solar heated swimming pool, gymnasium, music suite, library, technology and computer facilities) that support the wide range of subjects that we are able to offer our students and wider community.  Since 2008, we have had renovations or refurbishments done to our gymnasium; our canteen complex with a covered area for students; our library; foyers and classrooms; with an upgrade in our heating system.

Edgecumbe College is committed to providing programmes that meet the teaching and learning needs of our students. The school’s significant Maori population means that all reasonable steps are taken to incorporate Te Reo Maori me ona Tikanga into our school’s curriculum and many facets of school life



The traditional shield is rimmed with gold, one of the College colours, signifying worth or value. More prosaically, it could signify the butter, or golden sunshine, of the Rangitaiki Plains.

The boar, second only to the lion for courage, is featured also in the Earl of Edgcumbe’s (actual spelling of name) coat of arms. The two golden boars’ heads grin wickedly in red background-red, the colour of blood, or life.

The pointed chevron straddling the shield stands for Mt Edgecumbe and the stylized trees, representing the timber wealth of our area, stand out against a white field signifying purity.

The trees are green, the other College colour, which represents the lush grass growth on the Plains.


The motto is a single word - “Integrity” – displayed on a simple streamer or scroll. This word is rich in meaning and associations- soundness, purity, honesty, uprightness, completeness, worth. It is a word implying quality in all things, a worthwhile ideal for any Edgecumbe College student.