Hospitality 101

Hospitality along with Tourism are two of the fastest growing industries in the world. Our course is an industry pre-training course, to prepare for work or further education in the hospitality industry. It is introducing students to commercial cookery. They will be working in a simulated commercial kitchen and learning skills for work within the industry front an back of house. This includes kitchen and restaurant training. From how to prepare and present coffee, to how to receive and seat a guest. This is a growing course and will ensure trained skills to be work ready by the end of year 13. 

Year 9 & 10

Basic introduction to the kitchen and International cookery.


Hospitality Level 1

Baking is not for the fainthearted. It takes hours to perfect this skill. The Level 1 Hospitality students used about 9 weeks to perfect their baking skills and the results were ‘Mind blowingly Awesome’.

Level 1 Hospitality is not just about baking, but also different meat cuts, egg and cheese, soups, salads and vegetables and Hot Finger Foods. Matariki presented a well plated platter.


Hospitality Level 2

Deboning and jointing chicken, cutting and cleaning rack of lamb, different meat cuts… All things you will imagine only a chef can do. The Level 2 Hospitality students proved that hard work and practice, can turn into beautifully prepared and plated meals.