Computing / IT

Information Technology

Information Management is a skill that is a must for the 21st century. No matter what direction your career takes you, competency in Information Management will be essential. The subject enables you to use spreadsheets, word processing, desk top publishing, database, web design and programming languages. In future years, this course will be developed using Digital Technologies Curriculum

The subject leads students for Year 12-13 into either a computer science/information systems degree or into technology using ICT.

Credits at Level 3 are ‘university approved’. Without IT skills the future in any employment will be more difficult.

This skill base and knowledge can be used to do further study in Information Technology, however, it is also a skill that can be carried across all subjects studied and is very useful at tertiary. It can also be used as entry level into employment.

Academic students at Year 11 should consider studying the Digital Technologies course which consists of Achievement Standards and provide students with the opportunity to achieve at a Merit or Excellence standard.

Digital Technology

Study in Information Technology Years 9 and 10, gives students a sound knowledge of Microsoft packages and their application to documents. Digital technologies impact on every aspect of our lives and are vitally important to New Zealand’s growth in the 21st century. Students in New Zealand need opportunities to develop knowledge and skills with digital technologies so they are equipped to respond to rapid changes in our society.

Digital Technologies sits within the Technology learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. The DTG strands are reflected in the development of a body of knowledge which outlines specific knowledge and skills for digital technologies. The technological context knowledge and skills material provides a set of objectives and indicators for digital technologies, along with illustrative examples of what is meant by a statement of curriculum level.

The Year 11, 12 and 13 programme will comprise mainly of Achievement Standards with a few Unit Standards. This course is designed for the more academic students with a high level of numeracy and literacy.