Our Values

  • Personal Excellence
  • Respect
  • Whanaungatanga
  • Accountability


Edgecumbe College will provide quality education that meets the needs and aspirations of students, staff, whanau and the wider community.

 And, specifically  

Quality Learning and Teaching:

  • Achieving excellent learning outcomes for students
  • Providing effective teaching

Personal Excellence:

  • Providing  an environment that encourages excellence
  •  Producing positive contributing members of society.

Community Involvement:

  • Promoting a sense of belonging that encourages community involvement in the school
  • Offering teaching and learning opportunities that meet the needs of the community  

Whanaungatanga/Pastoral care:

  • Providing a supportive, caring, respectful environment, encouraging a sense of belonging amongst staff, students, whanau and community.
  • Providing a safe and secure physical and emotional environment.

Bi-cultural Philosophy:

  • Developing a partnership between Maori and Non-Maori - embracing each other’s differences and similarities. 


Core Values



  •  To be honest, sincere, trustworthy.


  • Care for self, others and property


  •  To be the best we can be


  • Take responsibility for our actions and accept the consequences.


  • Promote family values; make connections with each other – building an Edgecumbe College family.